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“Property in Odisha” provides the vastu tips for those property in bhubaneswar as well as the property in odisha. Vastu Tips for the the property are below :

Vastu Tips for “House Construction”

  • First and foremost important point of House Construction of  Vastu Shastra is dig a well in the N-E corner and use this ground water for construction for quick completion of house construction and prosperity.
  • Construction of building at South,West,Southwest sides are highter(higher) than North,East,Northeast sides.
  • Open space should be kept all around the building, that is four sides of the house., it gives us luck to the house and full of lighting, flowing of air.
  • Plenty of Air flowing should be to the house from Ishan,East,North sides, to avail this facility we should provide doors or windows at these sides.

VASTU Tips for “Inside the House”

  • Avoid keeping the following in the bed room: T.V, Plant,
  • Place a picture of bright sunrise on southern wall in living room.
  • Use bright light on the main door.
  • For  new or old house purchased, first do paints to the house, clean and join & enjoy.
  • The “Pooja Place” should be in North-East corner.
  • The kitchen should be in South-East Corner.

VASTU Tips for “Kitchen Room”

  • South-East represents the most auspicious kitchen setting.
  • Alternatively, consider a north-west alignment as your second choice.
  • Kitchen should not present in the following corner- :
    • South-West
    • Center
    • North-East
  • Still better, if you set up your cooking corner in the east.
  • Priority-wise, ensure an eastern or northern kitchen entrance is good.
  • Avoid placing your gas stove exactly in front of the kitchen entrance.

VASTU Tips for “Pooja Room”

  • North-east first for your pooja room.? Sun rays light up the north-east first, so why don’t you consider. Especially if you love to hang out with prosperity, happiness, inner strength, health, and wealth.
  • Do you own a big plot of land? In case you do, then assign the center of your ground floor to your divinities.
  • Arrange for proper ventilation and a threshold, if you wish to elicit a positive response from the divinities.
  • During Puja the face should be in East.

VASTU Tips for “Bed Room”

  • Specifically the master bedroom in South-West.
  • This science of architecture has always favored rectangular and square bedrooms, then, who are we to turn against the principles proven time.
  • Well, do you head your family? Just asking because our traditional science has always favored the family heads using the Master bedroom. We hope you understand.

VASTU Tips for “Bath Room”

  • Prefer North-West  as well as North alignments for your bathroom. If possible, avoid South-west and South-east set-ups.
  • Further avoid constructing your bathroom in proximity to Pooja Room and Kitchen.
  • Prefer north or east alignments for your bathroom entrance.

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